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Brand creation and transformation.

We have developed our own brand creation and transformation model thinking of those SMEs and STARTUPS that want to lead the future, generating value for their customers and positively impacting society.

What is Branding?

Branding is a way of working capable of transforming the behavior of a business to positively impact its results, increasing its competitive capacity and improving its value and preference in the market. Branding agency.
Strong brands are able to multiply sales by a factor of 3 compared to the rest.
Kantar Study
Millward Brown
Strong brands support a 13% overprice and reduce price sensitivity by 20%.
Kantar Study
Millward Brown
60% of IBEX companies’ resources are allocated to building the brand and 40% to activating sales.
Brand Health Barometer Study, AEBRAND

Our work process:

We are your branding agency in Madrid.

01. Exploration

We analyze the current situation of your business in all its context: internal strengths, industry competition and target audiences. We discover the challenges of the project and set the short, medium and long term steps to reach the desired destination.

02. Purpose

Today’s brands have an obligation to go beyond competitive advantage. People not only want to be connected anytime, anywhere, but to develop as individuals, to be in control as consumers and to make the world a better place.

03. Brand DNA

We select insights that help us build a territory where competition is irrelevant. We define the basis of behavior and brand expression that help us to be what we say we are.

04. Brand identity

It is the visual, verbal and attitudinal representation of the brand, a form of behavior that should consistently communicate your positioning over time at every point of contact.

05. Storytelling

Since we were children, we have been thrilled by fables, myths and legendary legends. Brands are also stories. We define your brand narrative to mobilize your teams, seduce your audiences and tell the world your purpose.

06. Brand activation

Now that we have a brand, we have to activate its meaning inside and outside the business. Spaces, channels, products/services, communication and people are key to brand management.

We are a branding agency located in Madrid. We unite strategy, technology and humanities to face the challenges of a business in a creative way.

We make your brand the first choice in the minds of your customers.

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