Main challenge

Voiceless is a feature-length documentary that aims to explain the situation in Burundi in recent decades through a common thread, Lievin Manisa, who had to flee his country to escape terror. He experienced first-hand the massacre of Tutsis by the Utus who were encouraged by the radical speeches of political forces and disseminated by the media.

Our work is based on creating a brand that serves as a communicative platform to convey the story but also as an aid to build alliances with stakeholders: production companies, audiovisual platforms or television channels.






Brand personality


Visual identity

Verbal identity



Go To Market Strategy


Brand strategy

First, we made a review of other audiovisual products that touched on topics related to or had common ingredients with the project, we had to have a clear picture of the documentary culture with themes that have to do with investigative journalism, geopolitics and the history of Africa.

From there, we did a conceptualization work, looking inward to understand the story and bring out its essence. That essence is the DNA of the brand, the way it will be understood through its behavior and the way it communicates.

Brand identity

Identity, as a consequence of brand strategy, consists of two pillars: verbal identity and visual identity.

The way we have to express ourselves verbally in all communication channels and the visual part, in charge of transmitting through graphic elements the personality of the brand, so that people know what they are going to see and have the desire to see the film.

* During the post-production process, the visual identity underwent significant changes by the production company’s design team.


One of the main applications of visual identity, present in the product itself, and a key aspect to maintain consistency.


Media coverage

7 nominations for
the Goya Awards


Edition 2022.


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