Main challenge

Valxerit is a Premium Gin originating in Sant Cugat del Vallès and inspired by the Jerte Valley, from which it takes its name. In order to improve its brand recognition and expand its market share, its founders and management team decided to carry out a rebranding that culminated in an aesthetic transformation of the brand.

The main challenge we faced was to define our purpose and build a brand relevant to their customers, with an attractive personality that would help differentiate them from their competitors.



Alcoholic beverages



Brand identity



Brand audit






Brand personality


Visual identity

Verbal identity

Web development


During the exploration process we investigated all the key aspects that helped us to clearly visualize the alcoholic beverage market, its peculiarities and the present and future trends of the sector. We also study your direct competitors, their positioning, their pricing and their way of communicating. We also analyze the different audiences to understand how they behave, what their tastes and preferences are, and why they choose one beverage over another.

The objective of this exercise was to gather information, curate it and draw valid conclusions that would help us define a solid brand strategy, based on data and certainties; not opinions.

Brand strategy

Having a complete picture of the industry and knowing your audiences and consumers, we define a brand personality aligned with our ability to deliver value that connects with those people in an emotional way.

Our territory and positioning seeks to differentiate our proposal from those of other players with greater brand recognition and market share. We had to appeal to those aspects that make us special and allow us to enter the lives of our audiences more easily.


Brand identity

Brand identity is, after all, a consequence of brand strategy. Both the visual universe and the way we express ourselves verbally aim to make our value proposition tangible, at a rational and emotional level, so that users understand why our gin can be a better option than the ones they are used to drinking.

E-commerce (UI)

Finally, we carried out a redesign of their online store to make tangible the differential value of the brand and highlight the best of their products, implementing the new visual identity and applying the brand narrative in the writing of the texts.


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