Digital product

Main challenge

Umami is the app that helps people who eat out to find quickly and on the same platform all the menus of the day available in the area they want and in real time.

It allows users to make a decision without having to physically go to each restaurant, they can also share menus with the other people they are going to eat with and agree before mealtime.

1 – Understand the different users.

2 – Define how we want the MVP to be.

3 – Define a unique and differential value proposition.

4 – Design a functional, intuitive and attractive app.

5 – Collaborate in the development process.


UX Research


Organization of information

Flow diagrams



Interface design


Design System

UX Research

As we have already mentioned in the case study on the creation of the Umami brandThe main pain points for diners were time and the amount of information, considering that the menus of the day are not static, users had to travel long distances and invest a lot of downtime in choosing the restaurant or always go to the ones you already know to see what they have.

Many users eat in the same area every day, but others do not, which is why the tool is based on geolocation.
From there we focus the attention on the rest of the functionalities of which the most important are the type of food, the price and the distance from my position.

User flows

From the first prototypes we developed the user experience, improving as we learned.

Once the MVP is defined and we are clear about the app’s functionalities, it is time to organize the information and develop a flow in which the users will be able to access the information. users to circulate in an orderly fashion and use the tool in an intuitive and unlearned way while ensuring that they are able to use all the functionalities without technical knowledge.

Interface design (UI)

The great challenge of the visual identity was in the diversity, both in the diners and in the restaurants, basically we had to design for all social strata, for all cultures and for all tastes.

This strategic premise is approached from the search for balance in all aspects of the identity, differentiating ourselves from competitors and other similar applications, paying special attention to aspects that promote brand awareness and understanding.

Case study

Here you can continue reading about the process of creating the Umami brand.

From the exploration period, brand platform and brand identity design.


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