Brand creation

Main challenge

Umami is the app that helps people who eat out to find quickly and on the same platform all the menus of the day available in the area they want and in real time.

It allows users to make a decision without having to physically go to each restaurant, they can also share menus with the other people they are going to eat with and agree before mealtime.

1 – Validate the business model.

2 – To deepen in the market context.

3 – Analyze the competition.

4 – Know our different audiences.

5 – Understand who we are and what makes us special.

6 – Define the brand platform.






Brand personality




Visual identity

Verbal identity


We started the project with a clear idea of the function that the application should fulfill. Even so, our first step was to check if there was a real need, if diners would always have the app in mind, if they would use it regularly and if restaurants would be willing to update it on a daily basis.

The next step was to analyze the market, the foodservice technology sector and all the particularities of the HORECA channel. We learned how people who eat away from home behave, why they do it, what their preferences are and above all how we could make their lives better.

We model a product according to the original vision adapted to the needs of the users, the only way to get them to use the app is to be really useful.

Brand strategy

After the learning acquired during the research process and the conceptualization of the app, we were able to start drawing the strategic path at the brand level.

The main pain points for diner users were time and amount of information, considering that the menus of the day are not static, users had to travel long distances and invest a lot of downtime in choosing the restaurant or always go to the ones you already know to see what they have.

That is why Umami is much more than a link between restaurants and diners, it acts as a facilitator in the process of choosing a restaurant, allowing users to enjoy all their leisure time and choose from many lunch options in real time.

Brand identity

The great challenge of the visual identity was in the diversity, both in the diners and in the restaurants, basically we had to design for all social strata, for all cultures and for all tastes.

This strategic premise is approached from the search for balance in all aspects of the identity, differentiating ourselves from competitors and other similar applications, paying special attention to aspects that promote brand awareness and understanding.

Case study
Digital Product:

Here you can continue reading about the process of creating Umami’s digital product.

From prototyping, to the final execution of the app and the desktop version.


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