Main challenge

Reload is a brand of “take away” coffee shops , i.e., they only offer products to take away. Its objective is to provide a solution for people who do not want to sit down for a coffee. Traditional coffee shops do not usually serve coffee to go and those that do are not particularly agile.

In small and medium-sized cities where there is not a large presence of the large franchises of the “take away” There is an opportunity to anticipate and establish itself as a reference in this type of consumption, so Reload was born with the idea of having a strong brand to grow fast and build a franchisable system.






Visual identity


Interior design

Web design

During the first stage of the project we carried out a process of analysis and research in order to be clear about several key concepts: how the take away was in Spain, the competition, consumer behavior, insights…

This allowed us to know where to focus and have a successful value proposition from which to build our brand.

From one of the main insights, the concept of activation and energy recharge, we named the brand and developed a visual identity that would activate the intangible values and concepts associated with the brand.


Store design

Web Design


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