Main challenge

Fadein is one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of industrial detergents in the national territory. To consolidate their position, gain market share and expand within the sector, they decided to undertake a transformation process that would allow them to become more competitive and a strong leader in their category.

The challenge was to find a differential territory from which to work with a relevant value proposition for its customers. Focus on your ability to offer a personal and close service and activate a personality that takes us beyond the hyper-rational aspects of the product.





Brand identity



Brand audit





Brand personality

User Experience (UX)


Visual identity

Verbal identity

Interface design (UI)

Web development

Brand strategy

After a complete diagnosis of the brand, the business model, the needs of its main audiences and the competition, we develop a positioning strategy worked from the emotional spectrum, to reinforce the advantages of the brand for its customers.

We redefined the brand concept and gave it the tagline “high performance detergents” to describe the business activity. A way of highlighting our ability to help customers minimize their costs and optimize their cleaning methods and systems.

Brand identity

Once the strategic direction and personality of the brand were defined, we created the brand identity at a visual and verbal level.

At a visual level, the brand needed a complete renovation, the main novelties were the logo, typography, corporate colors and in general, the entire visual universe.

In terms of verbal identity, we work on the standardization of language, controlling what we say and how we say it according to the space and context.

Web development (UX-UI)

In order to have a new website where all users would feel comfortable and have a satisfactory overall experience, the first thing we did was to organize the information, architecture and messages. The next step was to provide this structure with the graphic elements predefined in the visual identity, resulting in a design system, not very extensive but useful to make any interface grow without too many complications.


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