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We define and manage each stage of your brand’s funnel.

We drive growth through experimentation and iteration. We detect the levers of growth and draw up strategies adapted to the business objectives.




At this stage, the main objective is to attract the attention of new users or potential customers and get them to visit a website/app or interact with your product. This can be achieved through digital advertising, SEO, content marketing and social media, among others.


Here the goal is to get those users to have a first positive experience with your product or service and become active users or leads. It may involve users performing a specific action such as completing a registration, making a purchase or using the free version of a saas.


Retention focuses on keeping users active and engaged with your brand for the long term. This stage involves providing them with ongoing value through product updates, customized offers and personalized attention, among others. The objective is to maximize user satisfaction and reduce the abandonment rate.


It is all about leveraging the power of word of mouth and recommendations from satisfied users. Having a strategy to make this happen is highly profitable, as a user or lead tends to trust personal recommendations more than advertising.


The “final” stage of the funnel is revenue generation. The goal here is to convert users into customers and learn how to maximize the value we get from them. The challenges of this stage lie in decreasing the CAC (customer acquisition cost) and increasing the LTV (customer life cycle).

We help to achieve business objectives, increasing users, customers and revenues and thus effectively establish or grow in the market.

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