Digital kit

Available just for Spanish companies until December 31, 2024 or until program funds are exhausted.

12,000 in grants from EU NextGeneration funds to digitalise your business and update your online presence.

If you meet the conditions established in the Digital Kit call for proposals, you will receive a free bonus of up to 12,000€ non-refundable to help you digitize your business.

Valid for self-employed, companies, communities of property, farms and civil societies with up to 50 employees, in Spanish territory.

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the application for you:

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An opportunity to enter fully or settle definitively in the digital channels, for free.

We help organizations to digitize their business. These are the services that you can contract with us thanks to the help of the Digital Kit.

Website and presence
on the internet

We define your positioning, design the right strategy and tell your world who you are through all digital channels.

Advanced internet presence

We drive business growth through experimentation and iteration, investing as few resources as possible.


We develop customized processes perfectly calibrated so that the customer’s experience with your business is the right one and they want to repeat.

Social network management

We build your brand so that your audiences perceive you as the best option, your followers become customers and your customers become fans.


We help to achieve business objectives, increasing customers and revenues, relying on different marketplaces.

Customer management

We align digital strategy with business operations to automate commercial processes and provide your customers with an omnichannel experience.

Business intelligence
and analytical

We analyze your business data, transforming information into knowledge, so you can make better decisions and take your company to the top.

All our services are customized and valid for any business category.

crater branding process


Some of our most outstanding projects.

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We have helped create, reinvent and grow businesses that compete in different categories.